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A Complete Guide to Understanding Walmart’s Suspension


Selling your products on Walmart Marketplace can be a goldmine. Millions of shoppers flock to the marketplace’s virtual shelves each day. They provide a vast opportunity to grow your business. However, just like physical stores with strict rules, Walmart has its own set of rules for sellers. If you violate these policies, it can result in the most dreadful consequences: suspension.

Don’t worry, don’t doubt. This guide will serve as your local guide to help you navigate the maze of Walmart Seller policies. The aim is to altogether avoid the nightmare of suspension.

Understanding the Walmart Suspension Policy

Walmart seller policy:

Walmart’s seller policy provides a detailed document. It defines the expectations of sellers who sell on their marketplace. It includes everything from product listings to customer support. Although it may seem overwhelming, focusing on just specific areas will significantly reduce the risk of being suspended.

Here are the most essential reasons behind Walmart Seller suspensions:

  • Not meeting performance standards: Walmart monitors sellers’ performance using specific metrics. These include things like the order defect rate (ODR), cancellation rate, and on-time shipping rate. If you fall short of these benchmarks, you could trigger a warning or even a suspension.
  • Policy Violations: The Walmart Seller policy sets out specific rules for product listings, intellectual property, and prohibited items. Any violation of these rules could result in suspension.
  • Customer Problems: Unhappy customers can be a factor in a suspension. An excessive number of negative complaints from customers or reviews can be the alarm bell for Walmart.

How Long Does a Walmart Suspension Last?

The time frame of the Walmart suspension is contingent on the seriousness of the offense. In the case of minor infractions, there may be a brief 14-day suspension. It gives you the chance to address the problem. For serious offenses or repeated violations, the suspension could be permanent. You will be unable to sell on Walmart Marketplace for the entire time.

Avoiding the Blues: Proactive Steps to Prevent Suspension

Once you’ve figured out the motivations behind the suspension, let’s look at the steps you can take to stay in the good graces of Walmart.

  • Make yourself a Policy Pro: Take the time to read and comprehend the Walmart Seller Policy. Do not just read it; bookmark it and remember it regularly.
  • Performance monitoring: Walmart provides sellers with Seller Center dashboards. They track their business performance. Be aware of these metrics and fix any areas in which you need to perform at your best.
  • Inventory Management: Out-of-stock products can result in unhappy customers. It can lead to cancellations, which could affect your ODR. Keep precise inventory levels and update them regularly.
  • The Point of Delivery: Customers demand speedy and reliable delivery. Select reliable shipping companies. I warrant that your listing accurately reflects the processing and delivery times.
  • Customer Service Representative: Treat every customer as if they were you. Respond promptly and professionally. Quickly resolve issues and go above and beyond to warrant the satisfaction of your customers.
  • Proactive communication: When you suspect problems that could impact your productivity, be proactive and bring the issues to Walmart. This shows your determination to resolve issues before they become problems.

Facing the Music: Appealing a Walmart Suspension

Even the most careful seller may encounter an accident. If you’re suspended, do not panic. Here’s how to handle it:

  • Understanding the Reason: The suspension notice must clearly explain the reason behind the suspension. Scrutinize the information to determine the problem.
  • Find Evidence: Collect any necessary data that shows your efforts to follow the guidelines. This could include receipts, contact with your customers, or the steps you’ve implemented. This is to improve the performance of your business.
  • Make a compelling appeal: Develop a clear and concise appeal that outlines the reasons for the suspension and the steps you’ve undertaken to resolve it, as well as a clear strategy to avoid future problems.
  • Appeal Form: Submit your appeal via the channels specified within the notice of suspension.

Remember that the most important thing for a successful appeal is demonstrating your commitment to follow Walmart’s rules and regulations. Also, providing exceptional customer service.

Keeping Your Business Thriving on Walmart Marketplace

Being a seller through Walmart marketplace can be an enjoyable experience. It provides extensive exposure as well as a loyal customer base. By knowing the Walmart seller guidelines, you can make proactive efforts to avoid suspension. Knowing how to appeal, should it be required, will ensure your business succeeds in this giant virtual store.

Ecom Automized is here to ensure you never have to face such an ordeal. In case this happens, our team is fully equipped to get you out of it in no time. Contact us today and get started.

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