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Embrace The Thrill: Watch Your E-Commerce Investment Soar With
E-Commerce Automation Services

We craft a Sustainable E-Commerce Asset that is worth over 50x of your investment in less than 12 months

We do all the work of automated order fulfillment. You get all the Ownership. It's no wonder that 400+ clients have already joined our Automation services Program. Let your Walmart, Amazon and Shopify stores start generating Cash in less than 90 days

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Empower Your E-Commerce Marketplace With Expert Automation Service Providers, Ensuring Contractually Guaranteed ROI For Your Assets

The ECOM-AUTOMIZED team comprises of 500+ professional e-commerce assets management experts who are dedicated automation service providers, with over a decade of valuable experience in Product Development and E-commerce Marketplace Operations. We've been through various challenges and have generated an impressive revenue of 300+ million dollars as of now

Our business model has proven to be successful, so we are sure we’ll make you money, in fact, we offer you Contract Guaranteeing your ROI during our partnership!

Please look in to the contract for ROI guarantee conditions.

Become an AMAZON FBA Business Owner, A Sustainable Asset, Long-Term with Highest Growth Rate.

Stand out and dominate as an Amazon Pro Seller by adopting our distinctive hybrid approach, winning Buy-Box strategy, and exclusive product research tactics. We've leveraged this model to scale 200+ successful Amazon FBA Businesses to date.

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Invest in to WALMART WFS, it Grows to 6 Figures Rapidly and Generates Highest ROI


Looking for a lucrative e-commerce venture capital firm investment opportunity of the decade? Here comes the WFS Automation Program. With less than 200,000 marketplace sellers and $14 billion in e-commerce revenue, Walmart Online Marketplace carries millions of opportunities for new sellers.

With 400+ Happy Clients, partnering with Ecom-Automized Gets You More Than Just "Ecommerce Automation"

When building Ecom-Automized, our founder David Roberts recognized the opportunity to transform data-driven strategies into a service model that truly benefits our clients.

We're not just concerned about scaling your business by expert ecommerce management, or building a sustainable passive income - though we certainly do all of those things. What matters the most to us is your access to transparency and ownership.

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State-Of-Art Warehouse Facility to Streamline E-Commerce Venture Capital Firms

Our fulfillment centers are equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed with professionals who are dedicated to providing efficient and effective logistics services. We specialize in a wide range of 3PL WAREHOUSE SERVICES including product preparation, distribution, and Ecommerce automation.

Timelines and Predictable Growth Of Your E-Commerce Assets

A Proven E-Commerce Investing Strategy that Automates Your Scalability

  • Month 1-2
  • Month 3-6
  • Month 6 and Beyond

Maximize Your Passive Income with the 3 Automation Models Using Our Hybrid Infrastructure

We’re able to diversify the sales approach with 3 effective distribution models, which leads to increasing in Profit Margins of up to 30%, Uncapped Sales Volume, and tapping into High Revenue Streams with powerful high-frequency reselling techniques.

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Easily Boost Business Growth With High Frequency Reselling And Guaranteed "No-Hassle" Platform Compliance

Stay compliant with seller platforms without ever lifting a finger. We guarantee your compliance with an advanced distribution model for reselling.

Just relax, knowing that your business operates under the umbrella of our proven infrastructure and distribution network.

Speak To An Expert Who Can Help You Evaluate This E-Commerce Income Investment Strategy

Gain access to our proprietary infrastructure and hybrid distribution model proven to replace traditional investments.

Meet Our Leadership With Decades Of Experience In E-Commerce Growth, Amazon Automation, Walmart Automation, And Much More

David Roberts

Co-Founder & CRO

With 10+ years experience in e-commerce, digital solutions & business strategy, David possesses immense success in the e-commerce automation and business space. Keeping a vision to build an Automated Business Solution at a rate where quality, performance and ethics take the forefront with every partnership.

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    Most of your queries should be answered in the FAQ, but still if it doesn’t, you can ask your question and we will answer instantly.

    What is an Ecommerce automation service?

    An Ecommerce automation service is a tool that helps streamline online business operations by automating tasks like order processing, inventory management, and customer communication.

    What can be automated in eCommerce?

    In eCommerce, various tasks can be automated, such as order fulfillment, inventory updates, customer support emails, and even marketing campaigns.

    What is the importance of eCommerce automation?

    Ecommerce automation is vital for boosting efficiency, reducing errors, and saving time. It allows businesses to focus on growth and enhancing customer satisfaction.

    What are the 3 benefits of automation?

    Automation significantly enhances business operations by delivering higher productivity through the streamlined execution of tasks. It reduces costs by replacing labor-intensive manual work, allowing resources to be allocated more efficiently. Automation ensures improved accuracy in repetitive processes, minimizing errors and contributing to better overall quality in the products or services delivered.

    How e-commerce marketing automation can increase revenue?

    E-commerce marketing automation is a powerful revenue driver. It tailors promotional offers to individual customer preferences, increasing the likelihood of purchases. Automated reminders about abandoned carts prompt customers to complete transactions they might otherwise forget. So, automation enhances cross-selling and upselling opportunities, by suggesting products based on customer behavior and interests, and ultimately boosts sales and revenue for the e-commerce business.

    How do I get started with Walmart or Amazon Automation?

    To start with Walmart or Amazon Automation, choose a reliable service or software. Integrate it with your online store to manage listings, orders, and inventory efficiently.

    What is the initial amount that I pay for? Does it include inventory?

    The initial costs of automation differ based on the chosen service. Notably, inventory expenses usually remain distinct from these costs. To gain a precise understanding, it is highly recommended to communicate directly with the service provider. This ensures that you have a clear picture of what is included and what might require a separate investment, guaranteeing transparency in financial planning.