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Who is Ecom-Automized?

EcomAutomized is an e-commerce automation company that offers Automated Passive-Income solutions to Investors & Entrepreneurs looking to streamline their operations and boost sales. We have successfully developed a Hybrid Automation Model where, We do all the Work, You Get all the Ownership! EcomAutomized provides a range of Hybrid Automation services, including Amazon, Walmart, Shopify DS, Etsy DS & Target DS. Our team of E-commerce Pros works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and goals, and tailor solutions that meet their specific requirements. With a proven track record of success, EcomAutomized is a trusted partner for businesses looking to take their e-commerce operations to the next level. 

What if I already have a personal Amazon Seller account before I joined Ecom-Automized, do we upgrade it to a professional account or are we going to need a new account?

If you already have an Amazon seller account, it’s good. We can use your Original account as long as it’s live and there are no violations effecting the performance, we will upgrade it to Professional seller and continue with it. 

How long until this business starts generating sales?

Walmart Automation is fast. Once the store is live, it starts generating sales by 2 weeks. However, Amazon Brand Wholesale Model typically begins 60 days from start. This will vary with all clients. 

When will you start charging me for the profit sharing?

Contractually as soon as you start getting profits you are liable to share the split. Generally, by 3rd month our clients are profitable. But that being said, this will vary with all clients 

When will I get my ROI?

ROI begins the second you get your first sale. The reason being there is No-Marketing budget involved whatsoever. We’re selling products with the margin of 15% to 30% that comes straight into your bank account by the month you start selling. In terms of Breaking-Even, if you’re investing $15,000 with us, you will break-even within 4 to 6 months.

What is the initial amount that I pay for? Does it include inventory?

No, it does not include inventory or order fulfilment charges. You’re paying the initial upfront to cover your store setup, operation charges such as infrastructure, payroll, mainly it’s a security deposit because we are shaping your business to an Automated money-making machine from Scratch, where we don’t ask you to pay us a single dollar until you’re profitable. In simple words it’s a run-way cost to automate & grow your account until we make your store Profitable.

If I opt out of the contract because my store is not profitable, will I receive a full refund?

Yes, as per the 12-months contract we guarantee that your store is profitable before the end of contract. We give guarantee on your investment for example if you invest $15,000 with us, we guarantee that you will minimum make that back as a net-profit within 12-months. If you opt out before, that’s a breach and we won’t refund you. But let’s say, you fund your store contractually with working capital throughout the period of 12-months and you only make $10,000 back, then we will pay you $5000 back for your business, so you’re break-even. It has never happened before because most of our clients break-even in the Month-4 or Month-5, but that will be an answer to the question. 

How much credit limit do I really need to have in my first 3 months with Ecom-Automized?

It depends which automation model you have chosen.  

Amazon Automation: you won’t need any Credit Line in the first 2 months. And in Month-3 you will need at least $10,000 credit limit to purchase inventory from Brands. 

Walmart Automation: Initially you hardly need any credit limit, we’re building your store in the first month, making it ready to grow exponentially. In Month-2 you’ll need at least $5,000 on your credit card, and in Month-3 it should be $10,000+. 

How do I get started with Walmart or Amazon Automation?

Our Walmart or Amazon Automation opportunity requires an initial upfront investment as well as working capital to grow your store. We only partner with clients who have a healthy income or financial profile and are looking to build or expand into the online space. Please answer the 1-Minute Questionnaire “A Consultation Form https://ecomautomized.com/schedule-consultation/ to find out if you are BEST FIT for this opportunity on AMAZON/ WALMART! That is the first step.

Is the startup fee ONE-TIME only?

To get your business setup, that is the only time you pay the startup fee. Unless anything changes or you want to do something different with your products. The only other fee is the profit splits.

Can I use credit cards to scale the business?

Yes, you can use anyone’s credit card or debit card to scale your store as long as you are authorized. This card will be used to purchase inventory & order fulfilment. Some credit cards offer unique perks such as the Amex cards which can easily scale with your store. 

How often will I get paid?

Amazon’s payment schedule is similar to Walmart. You will be paid out bi-weekly.