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How to Set Up Amazon Listings without Using GTIN or UPC

Amazon Listing

Imagine this: you’ve found a fantastic product. I have taken stunning images and created appealing content. You’re eager to release your work. That too on Amazon marketplace. But then a hurdle appears – the unwelcome UPC.

For many new sellers, the absence of a Universal Product Code (UPC) could seem like a huge obstacle. But fear not, intrepid entrepreneur! There are options to get through the Amazon UPC world and sell your products without barcodes.

Decoding the Amazon UPC Conundrum

Like many large retailers, Amazon needs a distinctive item identifier such as UPC, EAN, or ISBN to list products. These codes warrant accurate tracking of the item and avoid duplicate products. While getting a UPC can be the most commonly used method, it’s not the only option.

Alternative Avenues for UPC-less Products

1.Applying for a GTIN Exemption:

Amazon offers a GTIN exemption program for specific product categories. This program allows you to list products without a traditional barcode. But it comes with particular requirements:

  • Handmade or customized products: This includes one-of-a-kind creations, personalized items, and products with customizable features.
  • Limited distribution: You must sell the products exclusively. They should not be available from other retailers.
  • Accurate descriptions: Provide detailed descriptions that differentiate your product from similar items.
  • High-quality images: Showcase your product from multiple angles with professional-looking photos.

To request a GTIN exemption:

  • Log into Your Amazon Seller Central account.
  • Go through your “Products” tab and choose “Add a Product.” When you’re listing, you’ll see the feature to apply for the GTIN exemption.
  • Ensure you have all the required documentation, including photographs and detailed descriptions.

It will be needed to back up your application.

2.Partnering with a UPC Reseller:

If your product doesn’t qualify for a GTIN exemption, consider purchasing UPCs from a reputable reseller. These services offer various package options, allowing you to buy individual codes or bulk quantities.

Important Considerations:

  • UPC Ownership: Ensure you purchase codes with full ownership rights. Meaning you can use them for any product you list.
  • Reseller Reliability: Choose a trusted reseller with a proven track record and positive customer reviews.
  • Code Verification: Double-check the validity of the UPCs you receive to avoid any listing issues.

3.Exploring Alternative Marketplaces:

Amazon often dominates the e-commerce landscape. However, other platforms might have different listing requirements. Consider exploring marketplaces like Etsy or Shopify, which may not need a UPC for specific product categories.

Look Past the Barcode: Embracing Automation

Navigating the Amazon UPC maze successfully is only the first step of your e-commerce journey. Managing listings, inventory, and customer service can become cumbersome as your business expands. This is where automation experts like Ecom Automized step in to become your trusty companions.

Ecom Automized offers a comprehensive tool suite to streamline your Amazon selling experience. From automated listing creation and repricing to inventory management and customer service solutions, Ecom Automized empowers you to focus on what matters—growing your business.

Imagine this:

  • Listing new products in minutes with accurate data and optimized descriptions.
  • Automatically adjust prices to stay competitive and maximize profits.
  • You always complete all orders and customer inquiries thanks to automated responses and order fulfillment.

Make Ecom Automized as your partner. You can conquer the Amazon UPC jungle and go beyond that. Dedicate your energy to scaling your business and achieving your e-commerce dreams.

Take a deep breath, fellow entrepreneur: Lacking UPC isn’t a barrier. Armed with practical strategies and automated tools that work, you will be able to market your products successfully in online commerce.

Be mindful that Amazon is vast. Navigating its many complexities can be an intimidating prospect, particularly for newcomers to business. With determination and appropriate tools in your arsenal, success will come your way, regardless of whether you are an established entrepreneur or just starting. Ecom Automized provides reliable assistance on both fronts.

Consider us an Amazon Swiss Army knife for Amazon selling. We have a broad range of tools to simplify all aspects of your business, from listing creation to inventory management, repricing, and customer service.

Imagine the freedom of:

  • Creating optimized product listings: Say goodbye to tedious data entry. Embrace automated listing creation that populates accurate information and captivating descriptions in minutes.
  • Maintaining optimal inventory levels: Never miss a sale again! With automated inventory management that tracks stock levels in real-time. It triggers reorders when necessary.
  • Stay ahead: Our repricing tool analyzes market trends and competitor pricing. It adjusts your prices, ensuring you maximize profits while remaining competitive.
  • Providing exceptional customer service: Automate responses to FAQs and manage order fulfillment efficiently. It will free up your time to focus on building meaningful customer relationships.

With Ecom Automized as your partner, you can conquer the Amazon UPC jungle and beyond. Concentrate on what matters most—building your business by expanding your product line and achieving your online shopping goals. Let us manage the routine chores to benefit you. Take your business to new heights in this ever-changing world of online sales. Take a deep breath and take a leap of faith into the future. The Amazon jungle is waiting, and with Ecom Automized on your side, you’re ready to flourish.

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