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Listing Products on Walmart Automation Without UPC/GTIN

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Selling on Walmart 

So, you’re all set to conquer Walmart’s colossal market? But a roadblock blocks your path: Product identification numbers. UPCs, EANs, and GTINs – these obscure codes are the key to walmart listing your product. Be assured you’re not alone! Despite these identification codes, you can enjoy Walmart’s colossal reach.

Here’s a rundown of the options available to you:

1.How to obtain a UPC/EAN/GTIN

  • It’s the most popular method. If your products don’t include these codes, acquiring them is the simplest option. Many reputable companies offer them on sale. They ensure that your product listings meet Walmart’s specifications.
  • Pros: The listing process is easy, and there is no need to apply for notable exclusions.
  • Con: Extra cost involved when purchasing the codes.

2.Inquiring for a UPC Exemption from Walmart:

  • Walmart acknowledges that not all items, such as unique handcrafted or private label items, have identifiers assigned to them. In these instances, you can ask for an exemption by submitting a ticket via the Walmart Seller Center. The ticket explains the situation and provides pertinent information about your items.
  • Pros: It is a cost-effective solution for specific product categories.
  • Cons: The approval process can be lengthy, and all items may not be granted exemptions.

Essential Points for Exemption Requests:

  • Categories that are eligible:
    • Handmade jewelry,
    • customized products
    • Private label products,
    • certain wholesale
    •  These items typically are exempt from the exemption.
  • Additional Information

 Prepare to offer extra detailed descriptions and high-quality images of your products. Also, add any additional information that demonstrates their uniqueness.

  • Process Time

 Allow a few days for Walmart to examine your request.

3.Utilizing “CUSTOM” as your Barcode:

  • Once your exemption is granted, Walmart allows you to use “CUSTOM” as the barcode code when submitting details about your product. This is a sign of your products’ distinctive nature and allows you to maintain accurate listings.

More Tips to Success:

  • Double-check Walmart’s policies:
  •  Stay updated on Walmart’s most recent guidelines on product identification and exemption procedures. The rules may change in the future.
  • Make a compelling case:
  •  When requesting an exemption, clarify why your product lacks standard identifiers. Highlight their distinctive selling factors.
  • Maintain accurate listings:
  •  Ensure your product descriptions and images are precise and top-quality, no matter the identifier you choose to use. This will benefit prospective buyers by building confidence.

Selling Unique Products at Walmart

The appeal of Walmart’s huge customer base is evident. For sellers of handmade, customized, or private-label products, there need to be standard identifiers for products (UPCs, EANs, GTINs) to be a stumbling block. Fear not, creative entrepreneurs! Although these codes may be vital for all catalogs, other ways exist to get around the system and present your distinctive offerings at Walmart.

Learning the Landscape:

  • HTML0 is the Identifier Ecosystem

 UPCs, EANs, and GTINs serve as universal codes for products, ensuring seamless tracking and listing in retail systems. Without these codes, Walmart’s automated systems would not recognize your merchandise.

  • An Exemption Option

 In recognition of the shortcomings in standard identifiers, Walmart offers an exemption method. This permits you to describe the distinctive nature of your product and obtain approval to market it without typical codes.

Charting your course

  • Looking for Standard Identifiers

 When your items are manufactured in mass quantities or are destined to be distributed more widely, getting UPCs/EANs/GTINs is the easiest solution. This will ensure a seamless connection with Walmart’s system and eliminate the requirement to apply for exemptions.

  • The Exemption Way:

 The exemption route is an excellent option for one-of-a-kind creations, handcrafted items, handmade products, or private-label products. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Eligible categories: Products like custom jewelry, customized designs, bespoke and private label products, and some wholesale items typically can be exempted from this rule.
  • Making a compelling case: When requesting an exemption, offer additional clear descriptions, photographs of your high-quality products, and any extra information that demonstrates the distinctive selling points of your products. Walmart should be aware of the reasons why standard identifiers aren’t applicable.
  • The key is patience: The exemption process may take a few business days as Walmart evaluates your request.

Beyond the Basics

  • Staying informed:

 Walmart’s policies regarding product identification and exemptions are subject to change. Check the Seller Center regularly for the most recent information.

  • Making an Argument

 When you seek an exemption, provide a clear and convincing argument to show why your product isn’t using the standard identifiers. Then, highlight their distinctive characteristics and the value they offer.

  • Maintaining accuracy:

 Regardless of the identification method used, ensure your product descriptions and images are clear and high-quality. This increases trust among prospective buyers and increases the value of your listing.

Ecom Automized The Partner of Walmart the Success

Selling unique products at Walmart does not have to be an isolated task. Ecom Automized offers a comprehensive set of services and tools to simplify your process:

  • UPC/EAN/GTIN acquisition:

 Do you need the benefit of getting primary identifiers? We’ll guide you through the process and warrant that you buy them from trusted sources.

  • Exemption Request Assistance:

 Crafting a compelling exemption request can be challenging. We can help you create a compelling argument that increases your chances of approval.

  • Automatic Listing Management

 Our platform can automate the listing of products and save you time and energy. You can concentrate on developing incredible products. We will take care of everything technical.

  • Invoice and Inventory Management

 Managing inventory and processing orders on time is essential for your business’s success. Ecom Automated provides integrated solutions to ensure your business runs efficiently.

Keep Ecom Automized by your side. Explore the vast world of product identification. Maximizing the possibilities of Walmart’s marketplace will be a great experience. Let’s collaborate to transform your original ideas into successful companies. Contact us today to unleash the possibilities of your Walmart journey!

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